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* Please note - Financial Aid refunds do not come to us (i.e., the LHU Foundation) from the University.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING YOUR RENT PAYMENTS ON THE DATES SPECIFIED.

You may use any financial aid refund you receive toward payment of your rent; however, the timing of refunds does not usually coincide with the quarterly or semiannual payment due dates (August 1, November 1, January 1, April 1; May 15 for PA program students).  Therefore, you will need to personally make one or more of your rent payments (with reimbursement then coming to you from any financial aid for which you may be eligible).  Major credit cards are accepted (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express).

 1.  How many beds are available?
 2.  How many students share a suite?
 3.  Can I make a reservation now for the coming year?
 4.  What will my total costs be for a year at the Clearfield Campus?
4A. 2014-2015 Room Rates
 5.  How does this compare to the main campus?
 6.  Is a lease required?
 7.  Can I sublet if I don't attend the summer session?
 8.  If I leave school, am I still responsible for paying the entire amount of rent for year?
 9.  How do I get more specific information about the apartments at Clearfield?
10.  What do I need to bring with me?
11.  Do the furnishings include a TV?
12.  If I bring a computer, are hookups provided?
13.  Is phone service provided?
14.  What size sheets do I need?
15.  Can I hang pictures/posters in my room/apartment?
16.  Is smoking permitted in or on the property?
17.  Are pets of any kind allowed?
18.  Is parking available?
19.  Where and how do I pay my rent?
20.  How far from campus is my apartment?

1. How many beds are available?  34-beds (Six 4-bedroom suites;  five 2-bedroom suites)

2. How many students share a suite?  Either 2 or 4, depending on your preference and availability.  Each suite has one bathroom for each two students.  (There is a "guest" policy which must be followed; tenants will be charged $75 per day for guest days in excess of those specified in the lease agreement.)

3. May I make a reservation now for the coming year?  Information and applications are mailed in February to all students who express an interest in the apartments, and to those who are registered to attend classes at Clearfield.  Spaces are reserved upon receipt of a completed application; Click on the link above to fill out an application. Save it to your desktop and email it to us as an attachment or print the completed application and send it to us via regular mail. The non refundable $250.00 service fee can be paid by using the corresponding payment option at the bottom of the page or you can send a check with your application in the mail. After the application and non refundable fee are received you will be placed on the list for available apartments. This is a first come first serve process.

4. What will my total costs be for a year at the Clearfield Campus?  Please refer to information published by the Student Financial Services Office for tuition, fees, and other miscellaneous costs for the various options available to students at LHU.  (Room and board and the various types of housing at the main campus are provided on the "Miscellaneous fees" tab.)  To help you budget, you need to consider what each of the following will cost:

You Need to Budget for:
In-State/Out-of-State Tuition*
Rent (Fdn. Village apts.) **
Books (varies by major)
Miscellaneous (parking, keys, etc.)

*    These costs are paid to the University (through the Student Accounts Office).
**  Rent payments for the apartments at Foundation Village are paid by the tenant to "Foundation Village - Clearfield," c/o Lisa White, Durrwachter Alumni Conference Center, 10 Susquehanna Avenue, Lock Haven, PA  17745.  (Financial aid refunds are not sent to us by the University; YOU MUST MAKE YOUR RENT PAYMENTS.  Refunds do not arrive on dates which coincide with rent payment due dates.)



10 months

Total Cost

2 Payments

Due Dates

4 payments

Due Dates

2 bdrm



Aug 1


August 1

4 bdrm



Dec 1


Oct 1






Dec 1






Feb 1







12 months

Total Cost

2 Payments

Due Dates

4 payments

Due Dates

2 bdrm



May 1


May 1

4 bdrm



Feb 1


Aug 1






Nov 1






Feb 1


5. How do these costs compare to the main campus? Please click on the links below for online resources to assist you with questions you may have about University bills (tuition, fees, room & board/rent, costs at the Clearfield campus, "housing" at Clearfield, etc.)

    Financial Aid information
    Student Accounts Office (Tuition and Fees)
    Room and Board Costs
    Clearfield campus
    "Housing" at the Clearfield campus - Foundation Village is “off-campus housing” (suite-style apartments restricted to current students enrolled at the Clearfield campus).  There are no residence halls/cafeteria at the Clearfield campus.

6. Is a lease required?  Yes, both 10 and 12 month leases are available.

7. May I sublet if I leave before the end of my lease?  Yes, if necessary, if all apartments are fully occupied, and if a suitable tenant is available.  Sublease arrangements must be made through the Foundation Village Rental Coordinator.

8. If I leave school, am I still responsible for paying the entire amount of rent for the year?
     Yes (refer to lease agreement).

9. How do I get more specific information about the apartments at Clearfield?  This website is the most complete source of information. If you have additional questions you may contact Lisa White, Foundation Village Rental Coordinator, at or (570) 484-2994.

10. What do I need to bring with me?  A list of suggestions is mailed to you with your leases. After your roommate(s) are assigned, we suggest you call and talk to them so you don't duplicate the basic kitchen utensils, or wait until you move in and plan for a shopping trip to the local Wal-Mart!  You'll need to think about bringing:  pots/pans, dishes, cups, flatware, soap (bath, dishwasher, laundry), food items, a cookbook!, favorite snacks, sheets/pillow cases, towels, blanket(s), toiletries, etc.; dictionary; computer; stereo/radio; clock, TV, etc.  There are websites that make suggestions or provide lists for you as reminders.  BEDS are "double" or "full" size.

11. Do the furnishings include a TV?  No.  Cable service is included in the rent.  You will probably want to check with your roommates about who can bring a TV.

12. If I bring a computer, are hookups provided? Yes, there is a computer jack in each bedroom (near the desk), and internet service is provided through the University's server. There is no extra charge for this.  You will have a University e-mail account which you will need to check regularly.  You will need a standard Ethernet cable (15 feet or longer is recommended for convenience).

13. Is phone service provided? No, we do not provide phone service.  However, there are phone lines in the apartment, which include a line in the kitchen and one in each bedroom. It would be your responsibility to contact a provider and set up your own phone service.  If you don't have a cell phone and want to set up long distance phone service using the phone line in your bedroom, you are responsible for arranging for hook-up, payment of hook-up and monthly fees, etc.

14. What size sheets do I need? The beds are double/full size.

15. May I hang pictures/posters in my room/apartment?  Yes, but you may not place nails, hooks, etc. in the walls or ceilings.  Rules and regulations about this and other issues are set forth in your lease agreement.  The room entrance doors, windows, drapery rods, and hardware shall remain free of nails.  Please plan to use "poster putty" adhesive or other types of materials which will not damage the walls.  (All decorations must be of a temporary nature and not permanently deface or damage the property.  No posters, sheets, parachutes, fishnets, stickers, or materials of any kind are allowed on ceilings.)

16. Is smoking permitted in or on the property?  Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the building.  Any violation of this policy (or removal of smoke detectors in the apartments) will result in immediate eviction.  Smoking is permitted on the property and the proper receptacles are provided.  Please use them and be considerate of your neighbors.

17. Are pets of any kind allowed?  No.  Many individuals have allergies to animal dander, and flea infestations can take months to eradicate.  We love animals, but we do not want any of our tenants to experience the problems that can occur as a result of others having unauthorized pets.

18. Is parking available?  Yes, a separate parking lot is provided for tenants.
It is located in front of the apartment building.  You, however, will need a University parking permit, (currently $10), to park in the campus parking lot.  The building is a 5-minute walk to the main classroom building.

19. Where and how do I pay my rent? First rent payment must be made prior to assuming occupancy.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Rent must be paid by money order, credit card, or check, made payable to "Lock Haven University Foundation," and mailed to:  Lock Haven University Foundation , Attn: Lisa White, Durrwachter Alumni Conference Center, Lock Haven, PA  17745.  Alternatively, rent payments may be made in person to the Foundation Village Resident Manager located in Apartment 111 of Foundation Village.

20. How far from campus is my apartment?  Foundation Village is adjacent to the University's property.  It is a 3-5 minute walk from the apartment building to your classes.

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For more information about Foundation Village at Clearfield, please contact:

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