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Katelynn Hanna
Director of Stewardship & Special Events
(570) 484.2408

Annual Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Making a gift to the Annual Fund (unrestricted) allows the university to allocate those dollars wherever the need is greatest. While donors can direct their gift to be used in areas that have a special meaning to them, we encourage unrestricted gifts since more students can benefit on a daily basis.


  • Student scholarships & financial aid
  • Technology, laboratory equipment, computers & software
  • Attract top-notch guest lectures and speakers
  • Student & faculty research
  • Study abroad, field experience & service learning programs
  • Library books & reference materials
  • Athletic programs, clubs, associations & extra-curricular activities
  • Cultural activities such as speakers, films, recitals, concerts
  • Campus safety programs
  • Student wellness initiatives, Glennon Infirmary
  • Student Leadership Programs, Habitat for Humanity, and AmeriCorps



Bridging the Gap

Your support can help bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost to operate the university. Tuition, state and federal support only covers a fraction of the cost to run LHU. Alumni support helps to keep the cost low for students by providing scholarships, grants and fellowships. To continue providing a quality education that can be accessed by all students, these resources are critical. They will also help ensure that LHU maintains the standard of excellence that it is known for.

Pay It Forward
While you were going to school here, alumni helped to insure that you had a quality education at an affordable price by making gifts to the school.

Investment in Your Degree
Please consider a gift as an investment back in your own degree. A gift will be used to elevate the national recognition of our school by attracting the finest students, staff and faculty in the nation. As we grow in national rankings and gain great attention in publications, so does the notoriety of your degree.

There is a long standing tradition of alumni and parents supporting this institution. This is one of the main reasons as to why we have such an amazing school today. To ensure that we maintain that standard of excellence, we need alumni and parents to carry on that tradition.

LHU is constantly competing with all universities and colleges nationwide to attract the best undergrad and graduate students and recruit nationally known professors. To be able to continue to do so, we must be able to provide the best facilities and keep up with the ever-changing world of technology.

You’ll Help Improve the Quality of Student Life
Your gift helps fill academic needs such as student scholarships, lab equipment and research assistance. Contributions also help our campus offer the many extracurricular activities that enhance the educational experience.

Margin of Excellence
Voluntary financial support is often the difference between a good school and a great one.

Thank You
We hear from thousands of our alumni each year stating what a valuable education they received from LHU. This experience is one that is unique to our university. One of the greatest ways of saying “thank you” for this special education is by making a gift back to your alma mater. A gift will not only show your appreciation, but will insure that the future of LHU will be as strong and even better in the years to come.