President Michael Fiorentino, Jr., faculty members and the Council of Trustees have identified four funding priorities: faculty enhancements, student support, program funding and campus improvements. Together, these initiatives will transform Lock Haven University and it’s students learning experience as well as prepare them for the lives Haven alumni have always sought - lives filled with action, achievement and fulfillment.

Faculty Enhancements
Effective teaching and quality research are essential to today’s higher education. Lock Haven University has distinguished itself by attracting faculty who are able to critically evaluate the academic landscape and communicate their findings to new students and seasoned professionals. Continuing to attract top-notch faculty, furthering faculty research and development is essential for our students learning experience.

Student Support
Lock Haven University is committed to providing a broad and diverse academic student experience by enriching the academic, social, cultural and personal experience of each student as it strives to instill enthusiasm for life-long learning while maintaining the core principles of the institution.

Program Funding
There are many options to support specific programs on campus such as: International Education, the Arts or Sciences, Athletics or Scholarships.

Campus Improvements
A University’s facilities and landscape can be of extreme value to the institution as it ensures that visitors leave with a good first impression. It also provides current students, faculty and staff with a stellar environment to learn, grow, develop and work. A gift to improve campus facilities and landscape provides a means toward sustaining the excellence of the Haven campus and for donors to be recognized for their generosity.