Current Foundation Board of Directors

Mr. Robert Maguire - President
Mr. Steve Tasselli '78 - Vice President
Mr. Ronald Bowes ’66 - Treasurer
Ms. Mona Mangan ’66 - Secretary

Mr. Milton Stan Allen, ‘87
Mr. Anthony Anastos
Mr. James Berkebile, ‘59
Col. Robert Blose, ‘71
Mr. Harry Crissman, ‘62
Ms. Annette Davis
Ms. Brenda Elby, ‘73
Mr. Albert Jones ‘99
Mr. Robert Lomison, '77
Ms. Jennifer Riter, ‘96
Ms. Polly Spangler, ’87
Mr. J. Michael Williamson
Dr. Wayne Allison '67
Mr. Scott Culpepper '71
Mr. Jeffrey Parker
Mr. Gary Laubscher

Foundation Board of Directors

The mission of the LHU Foundation is to generate and manage resources for the benefit of the Lock Haven University and its students.

Primary Duties of the Foundation Board:

  • Exercise fiduciary responsibility with respect to the investment of, accounting for, and acknowledgement of all contributions.

  • Manage the investment of all assets of the Foundation, including the prudent administration of all gifts consistent with donor intent.

  • Ensure adequate resources so the university and the Foundation can fulfill their missions.

  • Ensure effective organizational planning and financial management of Foundation funds.

  • Assist the University President and Foundation staff in establishing and maintaining a favorable climate for giving.

Primary Duties as an Individual Director:

  • Maintain knowledge of Lock Haven University’s mission, programs, resources, and needs.

  • Prepare for and participate in all board meetings in order to make informed, independent, and objective decisions.

  • Review and approve the Foundation’s annual investment goals, operating budget, and financial statements.

  • Participate actively in the fundraising programs of the Foundation by providing personal financial support of the university through both the Annual Fund and any major fundraising campaign.

  • Assist in the identification, cultivation and solicitation of donors as requested and maintain confidentiality of donor information.

  • Serve as an effective university spokesperson in the community.

  • Serve on board committees as requested.

  • Serve as a representative of the Foundation Board at University events.

Approximate Minimum Time Commitment:

  • Board members can expect to volunteer up to 50 hours per year or more in service to the Foundation and University. Much of the time spent as a volunteer is attending Foundation and University events, committee meetings, and meetings of the Board.

If you are interested in serving on the Foundation Board,

please contact the Foundation at 570-484-2298.