2014-2015 Case For Support:  Faculty Enhancements

Deans Fund
In an effort to help Lock Haven University expand existing faculty development and academic programs as well as create new ones, LHU would like to provide additional resources to our more than 250 faculty members across three academic colleges. The Deans Fund will support the University in recruiting and retaining a diverse community of highly qualified faculty members as well as strengthening their overall academic programs to better prepare students for careers in the 21st century.

The Deans Fund would encompass the following fundraising areas:

•Endowed Chairs   Support of full time faculty member….........$1 million or $50,000 per year
                                Support of research and programming...…$30,000 per year

An endowed chair is among the most important gifts to higher education, a vital tool to ensure faculty excellence. Today, an endowed chair honors and recognizes the distinction of superior faculty while providing invaluable financial support above and beyond salary, for use in research, teaching or service activities. It is a powerful recruitment tool; the more chairs a school has endowed, the more prestigious and attractive to potential faculty.

•Awards  Three University Awards....…$2,500 each
                 Nine College Awards…..........$1,000 each

Enhance monetary awards for existing University awards and establish three awards for each college:
Business, Information Systems & Human Services, Natural, Behavioral & Health Sciences, and Liberal Arts & Education.

•Program Development- $40,000 per year for 8 courses
Faculty Development Program offers a variety of workshops to enhance the professional and personal development of LHU faculty members with a focus on areas of importance to the University.

•Unsponsored Research
Conducting research empowers our faculty members to stay knowledgeable and competitive in their respective teaching fields; engaging in ongoing learning that can then furnish the minds of their students. Areas of interest for faculty include: writing planning grants, seed grants, not-for-profit grant writing, international travel for research, etc…

Faculty Center- $50,000
The Faculty Center will be a space where faculty can gather to communicate, discuss, exchange and reflect on ideas in an informal way to continue the notion of support and integration among all faculty members.