Case For Support:  International Education

Embarking on a study abroad program – whether it's for a few weeks or an entire school year – allows students to escape their comfort zones, navigate foreign cities and experience other cultures and customs. Studying at a foreign university also gives students a chance to experience college life outside of the U.S., which can be drastically different than at their home university. They often return with more confidence in themselves; they are more adaptable and independent; and they often come back with new knowledge and ideas that further enrich their education.
Lock Haven University is committed to providing more opportunities for students who wish to but cannot afford to study abroad. Furthermore, LHU students, faculty and friends of the community can benefit from enhancing the international education lecture series which informs and enlightens its audience about other country’s culture, customs, traditions, food, education, etc…

Below are two significant areas of support for International Education:

Study Abroad Scholarship
- $500-$3,000 per year
In an effort to increase the number of LHU students who study abroad each year, the University is looking for donors to aid students in scholarship monies for travel. Even though a student’s tuition remains the same while studying abroad, things like housing and meals, airfare, VISA and passport materials and spending money are an additional expense.

Scholarship support could be dispersed accordingly:

Summer Programs   $500
Semester in an English-speaking country   $1,000
Semester in a Non-English speaking destination in Western Europe   $1,500
Eastern Europe and Latin America   $1,750
Semester in non-traditional destinations (Asia and the Middle East)   $2,000
A year abroad anywhere   $3,000

Lecture Series- $10,000 per year
This academic forum invites scholars from around the world to present innovative and thought-provoking materials on the globalization of higher education, benefits of studying abroad and more. Donors to this area would provide funding for 2 speakers over 2 semesters which would cover travel and entertainment fees for the speaker, publicity for the event, etc…