Case For Support:  Student Scholarships

Each year, Lock Haven University administers more than 280 individually named scholarships, impacting more than 500 students, by providing them with financial assistance to achieve their educational goals. Lock Haven University knows that student scholarships can provide students with a better opportunity to succeed at The Haven and is committed to increasing the number of student scholarships it is able to provide to students.

Scholarship funds for needy and worthy students are among the highest priorities of Lock Haven University. Our commitment to seeking significantly more endowed and annual named scholarship funds is driven by our desire to ensure that rising tuition rates do not threaten to put a high quality, value centered education like that offered at the Haven, out of reach for some students. Therefore, Lock Haven University must continue to provide support to academically talented students who are in need of financial aid to continue their education. Endowed scholarship funds and annual named scholarship funds provide both need-based and merit-based financial aid to help offset the cost of tuition.

Through scholarship commitment, donors have a lasting impact on today’s students and the promise of their future careers.

Endowed Scholarships……………………………..$25,000 minimum
Endowed awards are crucial to the future of Lock Haven University because they provide benefits to students for generations. Lock Haven University Foundation invests endowed scholarships to maximize growth while safeguarding the principal, as only the earning on the investment is distributed.

Annual Named Scholarships……..................…$5,000 total commitment ($1,000 per year for 5 years)
Donors can also establish a named annual scholarship, awarded to qualifying students each year that the donor contributes the dollar value of the scholarship. As with an endowed scholarship, LHU Foundation staff work with the donor to define the awarding parameters of the scholarship.

Academic Merit Scholarships
Donors may also establish academic merit scholarships which target students who demonstrate need but also have outstanding academic abilities and a higher educational academic profile.

Four Year Scholarships
The Four Year Scholarship guarantees Lock Haven University will make up the gap between what the student receives in financial aid and the cost of tuition and fees. This award is for a student(s) who are a first time, full time freshman at LHU, completed eight semesters and demonstrates financial need. The student(s) must be close to completion/graduation thus, motivating them to complete their degree in four years.